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Eureka Mignon Tilted Base | Incline your Grinder and improve Retention

Eureka Mignon Tilted Base | Incline your Grinder and improve Retention

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Tilted Base for the Eureka Mignon coffee grinder.

If you love the Eureka grinder for its excellent coffee quality, but wish to reduce the grinder retention, check out this tilted base solution!

By using this tilted base, Eureka Mignon grinders can be inclined to improve the coffee grind flow from hopper funnel through grinder into the outlet chute. For slippery surfaces, additional anti-slip pads can be added to the inclined base.

The tilted base is part of our Low Retention Kit to reduce coffee leftovers after every grind.

Additionally, a manually operated bellow pump can be included to transform Eureka Mignon machines into single dose grinders, aiming at zero retention for every grind.

Check out: Eureka Mignon Single Dose Bellow
Attention: When using the single dose bellow with the tilted base, it is recommended to remove the optional anti-popcorn insert.

The tilted base can be combined with the tray and metal cup to reduce coffee powder spillage in your workflow (Product updates coming soon).

Only the tilted base is included in the current offer. Eureka Grinder is not included and is only shown for demonstration purposes.

The tilted base is only compatible to the Eureka Mignon models (e.g. Specialita, Zero, Silenzio, Filtro, Crono, Classico, Perfetto, Manuale, Brew Pro, Facile etc.). The tilted base is not compatible to the Oro XL as well as older models such as the Eureka Mignon MCI.

Not sure about the compatibility of your Eureka Grinder Model? No worries, just message us and we will confirm if our products are compatible.

In case of questions, feel free to drop us a message.

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