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Eureka Mignon Grind Setting Dial | Simple Adjustment between unique Grind Settings

Eureka Mignon Grind Setting Dial | Simple Adjustment between unique Grind Settings

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3D printed grind setting dial for the Eureka Mignon coffee grinder.

If you love the Eureka grinder for its excellent coffee quality, but wish to simplify the grind setting process, check out this dial solution!

The knob dial is linked to an indicator wheel (gear ratio 3:1), which can be changed from coarsest to finest grind position selecting from an absolute scale of 100 ticks.

This way you can:
- Adjust the grind setting very accurately, tick by tick using the big ergonomic knob.
- Change the grind setting very fast using the interior wheel, switching directly from filter to espresso shot.
- Use the absolute scale to conveniently set the grinder directly to previously calibrated coffee types.
- Reduce time adjusting grind settings as well as wasted coffee :)

For more tips on the grind setting dial, check out our Camperista3D Youtube Channel.

Only the setting knob and interior indicator wheel are included in the current offer.
Eureka Grinder is not included and is only shown for demonstration purposes.

The grinder dial is only compatible to the Eureka Mignon models with the dial knob on the right hand side (e.g. Specialita, Silenzio, Design, Turbo, Manuale, Classico, Bravo, Crono, Brew Pro, Casa, Facile, Notte, Zero, Zero Brew, Libra, Oro Single Dose, Oro Single Dose Brew, Oro Dolce Vita, and Oro Stark, Oro XL, Filtro, Filtro Silent).

The grinder dial is not compatibe to older models such as the Eureka Mignon MCI.

The dial is also compatible to the Eureka Mignon Perfetto but be aware that the standard dial knob is hard to remove.

The items shall only be hand washed. Hot water resp. dish washer cleaning will affect the material.

Not sure about the compatibility of your Eureka Grinder Model? No worries, just message us and we will confirm if our products are compatible.

In case of questions, feel free to drop us a message.

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