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DF83 V1/V2 Low Retention Declumper and Chute

DF83 V1/V2 Low Retention Declumper and Chute

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After the success of the DF64 declumper and chute modification, it is finally time for the DF83. Lance Hedrick did a great review on this phenomenal grinder mentioning its only issue - the declumper.

I have put all my experience and engineering skillset into developing this chute and declumper for the DF83. The goal was to reduce the regrinding which is caused by the double stock declumpers and to prevent clogging at high flow rates.

In order to tackle this challenge, two parts are needed.

1. On the one hand, the upgraded declumper which was inspired by the Mythos declumper and is cut out of a PET foil. It removes big clumps, static and the big open cross section area means low resistance and therefore lower retention.

2. The improved chute reduces dead space and removes channel corners by transitioning from a rectangular shape to a round one. This way fine coffee grounds are prevented from accumulating after the declumper and in the chute itself.

Additionally, the opening of the improved chute is larger compared to the stock chute leading to lower probability of clogging.

The angle of the declumper flaps can be manually adjusted to balance static and retention.

Depending on the humidity level of your location one spritz of RDT might be needed.

Installation: In order to install the declumper, the DF83 need to be partially opened. After the stock declumper and chute are removed, the same screws can be used to install the upgraded declumper and chute.

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