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Gaggia Classic Pro/Evo Portafilter Side Holder

Gaggia Classic Pro/Evo Portafilter Side Holder

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The Gaggia Classic Pro is a legendary coffee maker with a long lasting history.

Most of the enthusiasts own more than one portafilter. Instead of wasting valuable space in a drawer, the beautiful spare portafilter should be displayed with the machine. Therefore, I have designed a portafilter holder for the Gaggia Classic Pro. With this 3D printed holder, the portafilter can be changed quickly and securely.

This holder comes in two variants: mounted on the left or on the right of the Gaggia.

While the holder is strongly attached on the upper lip of the Gaggia, a small tape is included to avoid rotation while inserting the portafilter. It is not required and depends on your preference.

Different colors can be requested by message before the order.

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