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Eureka MCI Set with Tilted Base | Magnetic Front Tray | Metallic Dosing Cup and Stand | Low Retention Kit | Reduced Coffee Spillage

Eureka MCI Set with Tilted Base | Magnetic Front Tray | Metallic Dosing Cup and Stand | Low Retention Kit | Reduced Coffee Spillage

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Elevate your Eureka MCI coffee grinder experience with our Low Retention Kit, designed to enhance performance and streamline your coffee preparation process.

Our kit includes essential components to optimize your grinding routine while maintaining the exceptional coffee quality that Eureka grinders are known for.

Key Features:

Tilted Base: Improve the flow of coffee grounds from hopper to chute by inclining your Eureka MCI grinder. The tilted base enhances grind consistency and reduces retention, ensuring a smoother and more efficient grinding experience. For added stability on any surface, optional anti-slip pads can be easily added to the inclined base.

Magnetically Attached Front Tray: Keep your coffee station clean and organized with our magnetically attached front tray. Designed to catch powder spillage during grinding, the front tray ensures effortless cleanup and maintenance. The magnetic connection simplifies assembly, allowing for quick and secure attachment to the tilted base.

Metal Dosing Cup with Magnetic Stand: Optimize precision and minimize spillage with our metal dosing cup and magnetic stand. Available in 51-54mm or 58mm sizes, the metallic cups fit directly below the chute, further reducing powder spillage. The magnetic cup stand seamlessly attaches to the front tray, ensuring stability and ease of use.

Set Options:

Set A: Tilted Base
Set B: Tilted Base + Front Tray
Set C: Tilted Base + Front Tray + Cup Stand (choose from 51/54mm or 58mm version)
Set D: Tilted Base + Front Tray + Cup Stand + Metallic Cup (choose from 51/54mm or 58mm version, available in black or silver)

As you switch through the variations, the product picture will dynamically adapt to display the included components.

The Eureka Front Tray dimensions are:
- Length: 140mm
- Width: 125.5mm
- Height: 19mm

Transform your Eureka MCI grinder into a single-dose setup with our manually operated bellow pump, aimed at achieving minimal retention for every grind.

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Compatibility and Support:
Our Low Retention Kit is compatible with most Eureka MCI models. Unsure about compatibility? Reach out to us, and we'll confirm if our products are compatible with your specific grinder model.

Got Questions?
Drop us a message, and our team will be happy to assist you.

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